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Beer and Bastards

Beer and BastardsStarting Wednesday at 8:30pm EST. Yours truly and the admins of some of my favorite pages will begin a weekly live webcast called Beer and Bastards. It’s an offshoot of Libertarian Girl’s Bitches and Bourbon.

It will feature:
Matt Palumbo of Being Classically Liberal
Corey Iacono of Being Classically Liberal
Michael Lee of Being Liberal Logic
Jason Hubbard of We Are Capitalists
David Lee of We Are Capitalists
Kevin Ryan of Unbiased America
and me, Will Ricciardella of The Analytical Conservative.

We will be discussing current events and debating some of the most heated topics amongst libertarians, conservatives, ancaps, and socialists all while gently sipping a Chimay, pinkies extended and all (because we’re all bourgeoisie capitalists, you see).

The show is produced by Liberty.me and broadcast at www.spreecast.com as well as the spreecast app that you can download on your numerous devices. A link will be provided on any of the above pages on the day of the broadcast and below is a link to our facebook page for the show. Viewers can submit questions live during the show as well, so it’s completely interactive. I hope you find this interesting and I look forward to seeing you all Wednesday!

(Admins note: I’m a lightweight, so two beers and I’ll be toasted. This could get interesting)



– Will Ricciardella



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